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Nothing lasts forever, including us. Estate planning is just what it sounds like — long-term planning with regards to what happens to your assets (your “estate”) after death. This gives you the control to let you make sure those assets are distributed as you wish, rather than allowing New York’s laws to do so. A will is the instrument through which you “declare your will” with regards to what happens to your assets at death. Trusts are a tool that can be used to accomplish the proper enactment of your wishes. Let the lawyers at Roemerman Law help you ensure your legacy outlives your physical existence.

Simply put, everyone should have a will. A will is the basic instrument used to declare your intentions for the distribution of your possessions upon your passing. It can be as simple as “give everything to my spouse” or far more complex. Most importantly, it must be properly executed, filed with the State, and updated as needed. After a lifetime of working to accumulate your assets, do you really want the State of New York’s laws to determine who gets what? Fill in the contact form and someone from Roemerman Law will contact you to make sure you have the final say over your estate.

Estate planning is the actual planning of what happens to your assets when you are gone. A will is the instrument to accomplish this at the most basic level but, often, more is needed. Proper estate planning considers taxes and fees, your real estate holdings, your investments (think 401k), your business(es), contingencies (for example, someone you named in your will predeceases you), trusts, and other issues. Schedule a meeting with us and someone at Roemerman Law can guide you through the process of ensuring your wishes are carried out when you pass.

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