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After spending many years negotiating derivatives contracts at Wall Street banks, David “Dave” Roemerman chose to start his own practice and represent “Main Street” homeowners and small businesses. The firm handles other matters as well, but foreclosure defense is our primary focus.

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We work to cure what we see as an imbalance in judicial foreclosure matters. Large financial institutions almost always have seasoned attorneys with considerable experience working for them in foreclosure matters. Homeowners, on the other hand, often represent themselves or work with well-meaning lawyers who lack the tools or expertise to really challenge the big banks in court. There is nothing worse than waiting in court to hear your case called and seeing dozens of cases lose “on default,” where there is no homeowner or lawyer present to fight for the homeowners’ rights.  These cases almost lose because no one is there to speak for the homeowners. Roemerman Law has negotiated settlement/modification agreements against some of the nation’s biggest banks and always makes our clients’ wishes our primary goal. We don’t want your family to be just another statistic in foreclosure court and we focus on foreclosure defense because we believe we give homeowners a more level playing field when it comes to defending their rights.

Our Philosophy

Unfortunately, some attorneys make big promises to clients and fail to fully deliver. At Roemerman Law, we stick to the basics and represent our clients’ wishes before the court giving our advice as to the best path to take and fully explaining our clients options to them.

We firmly believe that all great attorneys, in essence, only offer two things: translation and peace of mind, regardless of their field of practice.


Almost all lawyers are fluent in Legalese but, unfortunately, not all of them can translate complex legal terms into layman’s terms. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” At Roemerman Law, we speak both Legalese and plain English. We present the homeowners’ versions of their respective situations in the form of compelling legal arguments in court, while being able to explain what happens in court to our clients in straightforward, relatable terms. We value communication with our clients and make certain they always “know what is going on in my case.”

Peace of Mind

Secondly, we try to offer peace of mind. Our clients know we are working hard on their behalf, so they can attend to other things. You don’t have to miss tons of time at your job to be in court – going to court for you is our job. And, while this is likely your first and only foreclosure action, we handle them every day. We can’t promise the moon but we can assure you that you have an experienced, dedicated foreclosure defense firm giving its all to achieve the best possible results for you given your specific circumstances.

About Our Founder

Raised in Southwest Ohio (Cincinnati/Dayton area), David “Dave” Roemerman later moved to New York City, where he received his J.D. (“Juris Doctorate,” or law degree) from New York Law School and his LL.M. (“Master of Laws”), also from New York Law School, in Financial Services, with a triple concentration in Asset Management, Banking, and Capital Markets. His former employers include HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Axiom Law, Credit Suisse, Fifth Third Bank (Cincinnati) and, most recently, Morgan Stanley. While Mr. Roemerman has never helped create a mortgage-backed security (“MBS”) and has never attempted to foreclose on anyone’s property, he is intimately familiar with the foreclosure process and the MBSs and philosophical approach to lending that were largely responsible for the Housing Crisis that has led to tens of millions of foreclosures since 2004. He and Roemerman Law are dedicated to helping people from “Main Street” protect their rights against those of “Wall Street.”

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