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Collectively, Americans owe about $14 trillion to various moneylenders. In many cases, debt is overwhelming, especially when the storms of life hit. These financial storms include things like job losses, sudden illnesses, and family emergencies. Most lenders have very little sympathy for people in these situations. The bank just wants its money. So, the family continues to struggle and sinks deeper into debt.

At Roemerman Law, our Queens bankruptcy lawyers reverse this downward spiral. It all starts with a thorough analysis of your financial situation. Then, unlike bankruptcy petition preparers and other non-lawyer service providers, we give our clients solid legal advice, so they can make the best possible choices. Then, if things get rough, we stand up for you.

We also help people rebuild their credit after bankruptcy. Building a small reserve fund helps families weather the next financial storm that comes along. Additionally, responsible borrowing and credit use rebuilds your credit score quickly.

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