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Foreclosure is a complex area of the law, with many special laws and rules designed to protect the rights of homeowners. Too often, homeowners delay or fail to even appear in court and lose their homes without so much as a fight. If you do not defend your rights, you risk losing them! Other times, inexperienced lawyers agree to “take the case” without much foreclosure experience and do not make the best arguments, failing to understand the full range of options available to homeowners in a foreclosure case. Unfortunately, while in court waiting our turn to litigate, we see both happen – far too frequently.

Partnering with an experienced foreclosure defense firm, like Roemerman Law, maximizes your chances of a positive outcome, often for less money than a quick, undefended, loss would cost – particularly after factoring in the cost of paying rent after a quick foreclosure versus making litigation take longer. Our professional team is dedicated to helping people like you. We offer a wide range of litigation and non-litigation solutions, explaining each and allowing you to choose your best fit. These cost-effective approaches are focused on your specific needs and goals. Whether you want to try to stay in your home or delay foreclosure as long as possible to get your finances in order before transitioning to new housing, we can help.

Foreclosure Litigation in New York

New York is a “judicial foreclosure” state. This means that your lender must go through the court system to seize your house and sell it at auction. You can rest easy – Roemerman Law is comfortable in court and has represented many homeowners in litigation against the banks and other financial institutions.

After you have been “served a complaint” (given notice that you are being sued for foreclosure), Roemerman Law can defend your rights. This can mean assisting you in reaching a settlement with the bank where they forgive the past due payments, modify the terms of your loan, and allow you to stay in your home at a new payment (known as a “Modification”). It can also mean litigating to have the case dismissed, winning the case or, at minimum, slowing down the foreclosure process to buy you time to plan your next move.

If you have been served with a foreclosure complaint, or received something in the mail that has you worried, please call us and allow Roemerman Law to help you fight back and defend your rights as a homeowner.

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